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Fact: Millennials will be 75% of the Workforce in 2025.


Fact: To Retain Your Top Performing Millennials, Managers Must Achieve Excellence in These Three Areas: 

Millennial Leadership is About:

Are you about ready for a promotion either now or in the next 12 months? 


Will you be managing people soon and want to start off on the right foot? Get ahead of the game and join us for Millennial Leadership Bootcamp. 


Designed specifically for emerging High Performing Leaders or those that aspire to be! 


Learn about yourself as a leader and discover fun, interactive, easy to use techniques to inspire, influence and lead others. Then get the results that you want for yourself and your career.


Participants will learn: 

  • How to build trust to influence, engage and inspire others

  • The neuroscience of what triggers us so we can respond instead of react 

  • How to handle difficult conversations to reduce stress and build strong leadership competencies

  • How to become the "go to" for thought leadership and stand out among your peers

  • How to bring your best self to work, on a bad day

  • What motivates us and how to stay engaged at work

  • How to move past fear and go after (and get) what you want


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A Next Generation Coaching Program


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