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Corporate Coaching


Insights – Actions – Results is what drives our coaching strategy.  It makes our coaching efforts efficient and effective.  

Next Generation Leadership Development
Millennial Coaching Programs
Step 1. Understand the Landscape


Insights driven coaching

  • Industry assessement tools are used to discover ways our clients can utilize thier potential in a stronger way. 

  • These insights help create the space for change. Clients can spend just two hours a month over six months and see positive major shifts that team members and others will quickly notice.


Step 2.  Coaching Program Implementation


Discovery Session and Customized Coaching Plan

  • Assessment results and other coaching tools are leveraged during this stage and specifically aim at growing leadership potential.

  • This portion includes a comprehensive 6 month coaching plan that speaks to client goals and objectives.

  • After the inital session all individual coaching sessions are conducted over the phone for convenience. 




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