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Clients & Testimonials

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Millennial Generation Presentational
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Maureen Longoria, CMO
Millennial Generation Presentational

"We brought Becky in on the topic of Next Generation Leadership because we knew that some folks were struggling with how to work effectively across generations.  


Becky brought insights and a new perspective that created such discussion, we were still talking about days afterwards!


The best part is that I know those that attended will be able to lead more effectively given the insights learned. Will definitely be leveraging her in the future. I highly recommend!"

Alysha Tardiff, Head of People Operations

"We worked with Becky to create a training focused on effective communication in the workplace. Before the training, employees felt uncomfortable approaching "difficult" conversations and giving each other feedback.


Becky's training was interactive, educational, and made an immediate impact on our team's communication! Becky gave actionable tips and tools that our team was able to integrate into our everyday work. If you want to elevate your team's communication and leadership skills, I highly recommend coach Becky!"

Emily Reusswig, The Chicago Cultural Alliance

"Becky facilitated the Chicago Cultural Alliance's annual Board & Staff Retreat and through her guidance and leadership it was our best retreat yet! Not only did she ask amazing questions to really get a clear understanding of the goals and outcomes of the day, but she set the tone and created an environment where everyone felt comfortable sharing and participating. She led an incredible ice breaker and did a great job keeping us on track with our schedule and ensuring we met our outcomes. Thank you Becky!"

Jeanette Gawrish, VP of HR

"Becky's focus on our needs allowed us to create a program that resonated with our staff – so much so that we had the highest number of attendees! Her blend of coaching and neuroscience along with the break out exercise allowed us to learn how to really optimize our leadership competencies during change to accelerate projects and continue momentum in getting things done.


I recommend Becky for companies looking for someone with an enthusiastic, fresh approach to leadership development for their next generation of leaders. We found the content so valuable, we are bringing her back for the Fall!"

Akos Straub, The Group | RE at Coldwell Banker Previews International

"I recommend Becky for sales teams looking for unique ways to connect with clients to build trust, increase sales and get more referrals. She brought us content that we can implement immediately!"

Marcia Turnoy, Vice President, HR

"We held a Stress Management Seminar at our office featuring Becky.


Becky is a dynamic and motivational speaker! She explained quite clearly the cause of stress and provided our employees with take aways they could implement right away. Thank you Becky."

Stephanie Waite, Director of Leadership & Org Development
                                Lurie Children's Hospital

"I had the great pleasure of working with Becky Thomas when she came and spoke for us as a keynote for our Impact Leadership University Carpe Diem series! This series is a highly selective thought leader series, with only four seminars offered each year.

Each time I hear Becky speak I feel highly engaged and know that she was exactly what we needed for our audience. Her content, and approach to facilitation are tailored to the audience in such a way that everyone walks away with key takeaways that the participants can implement immediately!


Becky is conscious of our culture and audience, and tailored the content to the multi-level, multi-disciplinary group – so everyone stayed engaged through the session. While we worked with her, she was so willing to meet with us and go through the keynote in order to ensure that it was a smash!


Throughout her keynote, she engaged the audience with activities that helped to solidify the content knowledge with the participant in a way that helped them think more deeply about the subject. For our audience, Becky spoke about Conversational Intelligence – new refreshing content that was neuroscience-based, and keeps us on the cutting edge of leadership development. After Becky completed her keynote, she had the most questions from our audience that I’ve seen at a Carpe Diem session and was so willing to connect with our participants post-session. Becky is definitely a speaker you want to bring to your event for highly engaging and thoughtful content!"

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