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Leadership Assessment Tools

Our leadership coaching programs are designed to fit your needs and are implemented based on our simple 3 step process:


Step 1: Insights

  • Environmental Analysis:  understand the existing landscape of leadership in the organization. 

  • Design: A customized leadership program is designed to meet the needs of your team. 


Step 2: Action

  • Team and individual assessments are leveraged to help take your organization to the next level of leadership.

  • Back end: Clients discover their gifts as well as areas that may be holding them back from stronger leadership opportunities. 


Step 3: Results

  • Growth and learning take place as clients move towards their goal of effective leadership.

  • The best results are seen when clients are able to bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance their own development, act with integrity, and encourage and improve organizational systems. 

NextGen Leadership Tools
The Leadership Circle

The tool that helps clients specifically understand what contributes to a leader’s effectiveness and provides data to showcase key traits of effective leadership.

Developing Individual Leaders

It’s more critical than ever for organizations to develop effective leaders - individuals whose leadership qualities, style and skills give organizations a competitive advantage. 

Assessment Benefits: 

  • Identify individuals with strong leadership traits

  • Data debrief session to support leaders and optimize their impact when leading others

  • Increase individual leadership effectiveness to build stronger teams


Individual Leadership Development Process:

  • Individuals take leadership assessment survey

  • Peers take assessment survey

  • 90 min one-on-one debrief to review strengths and opportunity areas for growth

  • Statistical data provides insights on maximizing potential for each individual

  • 6 month coaching program is available to ensure a focus on long term change.


The Leadership Culture Survey 

Teams as small as 3 and large as 100 can participate in evaluating the existing state of the business and the desired future state.


Assessment Benefits: 

  • Identify gaps between today's leadership and tomorrow's ideal culture 

  • Benchmark your team against top performing companies by sector through data of more than 60,000 participants 

  • Identify future desired state of corporate culture and create a roadmap to get there 


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