Interactive Workshop


Fun – Interactive – Leadership.  It makes your learning experience efficient and effective.  

Leadership in Action

Learning Leadership Through Improv


  • Our interactive development workshop uses improv theater games to teach essential leadership qualities and skills.

  • We combine over 14 years of experience in theater, education and leadership development to engage your team

  • Participants use interactive games to understand leadership in a new way and transfer these skills transfer to leadership opportunities in your organization.

  • Watch as your team creates stronger connections and walks away with a new perspective of how to work together effectively.

  • Leadership development topics include:

    • Expanding your influence

    • Negotiating

    • Empathic listening

    • Team cohesion


Learning Outcomes


Participants will learn to: 

  • Leverage the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to improve leadership abilities 

  • Improve team dynamics and develop deeper connections based on interactive activities and experiences

  • Create a game plan to become a more effective leader and build strong teams

Meet the Trainers